Friday, June 6, 2008


From time to time we have those "talks" with our children - a few weeks ago Michael was telling them about Cigarettes and shared with them -
*How unhealthy it is to smoke - you could get sick from it and might die
*If you start - some have a hard time stopping
*Can turn your lungs black

Well anytime you have those "talks" with my two - it always leads to weeks and weeks of questions and comments:
*Grant went to Church and informed Alexa - Stay away from those Cigarettes - They are bad for you!

*Marah - was with me at Starbucks and yells - I don't see anyone outside smoking one of those "Zigarettes" mommy. It can make your throat turn BLACK and you could DIE!!!

So anytime I see someone smoking I can plan on some comment coming - mostly from Marah - like today - Mom, I smell zigarettes! He is smoking!

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Katrina said...

Well, good for Marah! I often want to inform smokers that they're going to regret it, but I restrain myself. :)