Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camp Out

Last year we went camping twice -a big step for someone like me - who HATES to camp. My idea of camping was the Hilton Inn, but I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went. Our friends assured me that we would stay at a nice, clean and safe campsite. - Meaning No Bears!

We had no camping gear -so we had to buy a tent and an air mattress - two important items to camp with. The first time we went it was awful! I did not pack enough blankets for us and we slept on a slope all night - well I sat up and cried most of the night. At one point Grant woke up and said -I can't sleep like this it is too cold! But we survived and I was crazy enough to try it again the following month. This time we stayed two nights and had level ground and a better air mattress and lots of blankets. Our friends were proud of me because I think we only showered once all weekend! Yikes!

We were the loudest group at the campsite and I believe the only crazy ones in tents. Everyone else had campers. So as soon as the sun came up (6:00am) - so did 7 kids. Yelling I am hungry, lets go swimming and I want a ride on the golf cart!

We have not had a chance to camp this year -So last night we decided at the last minute to camp out in our back yard. After much running around and pulling out all the camp gear we were all set up by 8:30. We had the fire going and eating ice cream. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. Once again I was reminded that I really am not made to camp. I was too cold, the air mattress kept losing air and my back was killing me! So finally at 5 am my wonderful husband said - Go ahead and go inside and sleep in the bed - I will stay out here with the kids! He is the greatest! Grant, Mike and I got up at 7 am - moving very slowly and Marah - well she slept til after 8 am - something about that camp air!

After my three camp experiences I found the must have items you need to camp with:
Three room tent
High end air mattress with flannel Sheets and lots of blankets!
Hooded sweatshirts
Flash Lights
Coffee Pot
A hat - because there is not flat irons allowed
A TV - which I did not know was a camping item until we showed up last year and they pulled one out of their car!
Roasting Sticks - A must have to cook all meals on.
Shower Shoes - which I swore I would never stay at a place that requires you to wear when you bathed.
Lots of junk food!

Now last night Grant set up his side of the tent. His requirements were:

sleeping bag, pillow, his raccoon, blankie, a chair, karate belt, lightsaber, and a cell phone.

Well I survived another camp out - and I might try it again this weekend.


Katrina said...

Good for you. I am SO not a camper. Fortunately, Chad's not either, so no one has tried too hard to convince me to go camping yet. :)

Dianne said...

My sister and I learned the hard way many years ago not to camp unless you are fully prepared and comfortably equipped! I do like to camp however (if above conditions are met), but i married a real city boy!!