Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Door Signs

I have owned my own company for 2 1/2 years. When I first started I never thought that it would go anywhere. But God has truly blessed me - each month I am just amazed at the amount of work He supplies for me. And I can truly say it is all Him -

When you have your own company you get alot of advice from alot of people - friends, family and even locals at the coffee shop and deli. Some of my favorite over the years have been:

You need to put a big chocolate chip cookie on top of your van and drive around!
You need to have your kids eating cookies and then take their photo and put in on our van!
You should go to hotels and they can serve your cookies.

I have gotten some really good advice that I have taken and used. A friend suggested a local deli and even was kind enough to talk to the owner for me. Now you can purchase my cookies daily at the deli.

About a year ago I got a magnet door sign for my Van - just one. And I have gotten several orders and alot of people asking me about my business. So it has been useful. But we only got one sign - and the joke was I was only letting 50% of the community know about me.

Having one sign was not a big deal to me - but to our friend - it drove him nuts. I would laugh everytime he would say - MIKE GET HER ANOTHER SIGN! So when I got my new car - I made the big investment and bought two new signs for the KIA and now the business is just flowing in! And Jason is very happy now.

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Lisa said...

Being the owner of my own business, which just so happens to be a sign shop, you'll get your money back 2 fold =)

Congrats on the success!