Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As I mentioned the other day, I have not posted in a while. So I thought I would just post some funny things that my kids have been saying lately.

Last year we invested in some TV's for the car to keep the kids entertained on long trips. Marah watches about 15 minutes of each movie and then moves on to the next one. We did find that she will watch the Bible Story DVD's that we just got. She informed us on our last trip that she was watching -beeshak, booshak, and abendigo.

There is always confusion among kids when they have several sets of grandparents. My Grandmother is still alive and we call her Great Grandma. Well my kids have now started to call my mother in law, "regular grandma". Marah did not realize until Sunday that my mom, who they call Nana, is also their Grandma. Her response was: "No she is not! She is just regular old Nana!" This comes from the same kids that did not know that I had a sister - YOU HAVE A SISTER?! Poor Aunt Angie.

We were watching 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network. Rachael Ray was making meatballs and Mac n Cheese. She was making the meatballs and said we are going to take a commercial break. When she came back the meatballs were finished and Grant looked at me and said: Glad she went to a commercial, it gave her time to finish making the meatballs and saved time. She then mentioned she needed Nutmeg. Marah asked, "I wonder what she is going to use the nutmeg for?"

As I mentioned before, Grant has a huge imagination. This year we have a new bus driver. Grant and his bus friend are convinced that the other bus driver must have died, because why else would we have someone new! They also had a fill in the other week, an older guy with long grey hair. Grant and his friend were convinced something just was not right with that and that all bus drivers are old, and wondered why old men had long hair.

Mom, last night I was hot and took my shirt off to sleep. I think I shirt slept. Because when I woke up it was back on! (grant) (Daddy put the shirt on him before we went to bed)

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Katrina said...

Cute post! I especially like "beeshak and booshak" and the bus driver conspiracies. :)