Friday, December 5, 2008

Wii Fit

My husband bought me a Wii Fit while I was recovering from surgery. The past few weeks I have slowly gotten back into working out and trying the Wii Fit. It has become a fun family activity to do each night after dinner.

There are several stages that you go through each time you start up the Wii Fit.

1. Body Test. This is a series of tests that determines how balance you are, your BMI, and your Wii Fit age.

2. The Wii Fit has started to cause some problems in our house. I am very competitive with Michael. I was holding the Ski Jump and bubble record until he beat me. So now I will be spending the rest of the evening reclaiming my status of a Wii champion.

3. The Wii Fit will take you through a series of workouts. I really enjoy the Yoga. I especially enjoy it when they tell me that I am very stable and that I am a yoga master on some moves. My daughter enjoys the running. Which makes no sense to us. If you know Marah, you know that she is always hot, tired and wants someone to carry her. So for her to run around the room for 5 minutes, just amazes us.

4. We also enjoy the daily comments it will make. It usually will ask if we have seen a family member or remind us that it is someone's birthday and have you considered a surprise party.

If you enjoy the Wii and working out, you might consider purchasing the Wii Fit.

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Katrina said...

I agree -- definitely a fun and versatile game for the Wii. Camden's favorite thing is the running too -- that kid just has too much energy. Logan's favorite thing is stepping on the step with me when I'm attempting yoga, thereby causing me to get bad scores because it looks like I'm horribly unbalanced. :)