Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking a Step of Faith

Taking a step of faith this summer. Experiencing something new. Facing some fears. Opening my heart to something new.

When we shared with our children that we are going to Ecuador this summer and how we are following and trusting in God for this decision - our son asked us:
"How do you know if God is telling you to do something?"

We explained that we have been praying about the decision and feel that God is leading us in this decision. Grant seemed interested in the idea of going with us. But was afraid that he would not know their language and did not want any extra shots that might be needed.

When we got home our son went to his room to pray in his closet. Two things he prayed for:
1. That he would stop fighting with his sister
2. And asked God if he should go to Ecuador.

Wow! What faith my little boy has. Hearing him say - "God has not answered him yet", "Maybe tonight in my dreams he will tell me"

Again tonight he said he is still waiting on God to give him an answer about going.
Its been a week now, to let our decision sink in that we are going to Ecuador. Now my faith and trust comes into play. I am learning to totally trust in God for this decision. For our needs over the next few months. Ecuador is going to cost us money, money that we don't have.

I have been in awe of God this past week as my business picked up. Why do I doubt that God can supply our needs. We gives us just what we need when we need it.

I am looking forward to this new journey this year. Taking the biggest step of faith and trusting God not man for my every need.

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