Monday, June 7, 2010

One Step at a Time

I blogged a while back about taking a step of faith. We took that big step a few months ago when we signed up for the summer Missions trip to Ecuador. We prayed over the decision and felt God leading us to go with the team. We sat down and wrote our first ever support letter. Wow! What a humbling experience that was for me.

I don't doubt that God provides. He has provided over and over for my family. So I have spent the past several weeks praying that God will provide the money for us to go on the trip. And boy did God provide. It has been a humbling experience. So many have blessed us with their support - financially and through prayer. We are so grateful for that.

There will be many steps of faith that I will have to take over the next few months. Some will be bigger than others. But what is so refreshing is that God is leading me up those steps - one step at a time.

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