Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Less than one week to go!

Quito, Ecuador
Missions Trip
August 2-8, 2010

Less than one week to go! The excitement was high on Sunday night at our weekly meeting. We started the night in pray and then went over the last minute items. We received donations to take with us to Ecuador. So we spent some time packing up clothes, medical supplies, and personal items.

The kids have been having fun coming up with ideas for the games and learning the songs with us. Grant seems to really enjoy coming up with some dance moves to go along with them. (check out FB for the video)

We are going over our last minute items and getting all our things together to pack. There is no Super Walmart there, so I can't forget anything. But we all know how I love to make lists so I am sure we will be okay.

We would really appreciate all your prayers. We travel Saturday to WV to meet my parents. Our kids will be spending several days with them in NC and then coming back to PA before we get home. We won't be able to have contact with them in Ecuador. Pray that they will be able to enjoy their time and not be too homesick for us. I know it will be hard on us not being able to talk to them each day.

Please pray as we leave Monday at 12:20 pm. We arrive in Ecuador around 10 pm that night. We hope to be able to update the blog during our time in Ecuador. Our Church will also have a blog - http://crossroadsministries.com/Ecuador/.

Thank you again!! We are very excited to go and serve in Ecuador!

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