Monday, August 23, 2010

What's Now?

It has been two weeks since we left Ecuador.  We still have the Ecuador "high".  A high that we don't ever want to come down from.

I keep asking  "what now"?  My heart and eyes were open so much in Ecuador to missions.  Coming back into my daily life has been a struggle for me.  After spending 7 days serving God full time, my daily routines that I thought were high priority, now don't seem important.  I know that I am a mom, house wife and business owner, important roles that God has blessed me with, but what more can I be doing for God?  The little things in life that I use to stress about now seems silly.  My wants and desires for earthly stuff seem useless after seeing how the people in Ecuador live.

That week has made me realize the need to share the gospel  more with others here in the states. There are no language barriers here, only fear.   I saw how Daniel, Ana and the Word of Life team  lived their lives daily, serving God in every aspect.   The joy they had and desire to serve Him was so evident in their actions.

So "what now"?   I am not sure where God is leading Michael and I.  We do know that we do not want to lose that "high" of serving God fully.   We know the work in Ecuador is not done and plan to return. We also know the need to share the gospel with those here.   We are seeking God and trying to live a life of service to Him.

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