Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yikes! August 25, 2010!!

I think I officially forgot all about my blog.  Maybe you can say, I was not even a true blogger after all.  I find myself at times overwhelmed by the number of social networking that I have to update on a daily basis. I honestly had all good intentions of returning to blogging.  Even now as I sit here and try to blog about something that would grab every ones attention - I just can not focus!  Mostly because my daughter has some goofy show on that keeps jumping into my brain!

Two years ago - we traveled to Ecuador and when we returned we had all these big plans!  Beside blogging more ....... we wanted to learn Spanish.  Become experts in speaking Spanish.  Every Tuesday night, right after those kids were put to bed we would spend the evening mastering Spanish.  Tengo nada! (I got nothing!)  I did download every free App available for my Ipad.

So here we are 33 days from leaving to go back to Ecuador and I am in a panic over the lack of Spanish.  But we are so excited to return to Ecuador and work.  We will be gone June 21-30.  This time we are going alittle more prepared than last time (minus the Spanish).  We know we are staying in the same hotel and how the food is prepared.

We are traveling with a group of 30.  We will be divided into two teams.  The first four days will be spend up at the camp. "jungle"  We will be holding a VBS Camp for about 80 orphans.  Then the remaining days are a mystery!  Well, not really a mystery.  We have learned to be on a Ecuadorian schedule.  Nothing is finalized until a week or so prior to our arrival.   We were told to be prepared to run two VBS programs each day. We also we will be going into some local schools.

We are excited to return to Ecuador.  Our first trip was basically to go and see what it was like to be on a missionary trip.  Experience the missionary life for one week.  We left with changed hearts. A stronger desire to live a life for Christ and heavy heart for the lost.  Over the past two years I have been searching within myself as to what God wants us to do.  To stay here or go?  We get so lost in our daily lives of work and family and friends.

So as we prepare this time - we are going with open eyes, ears and a heart.

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