Friday, May 2, 2008


I have been wondering - should I blog or should I not???? I have decided to give it a try -
I have been debating on whether to even post my blogs. This is a big step for me. What do I have to even post? I thought maybe I needed to have purpose for this "BLOG".

Should it be all about me - since I have such an interesting life - HA!! or
Should I use it as a place where my sisters in Christ can post our weekly thoughts???? Should I post about my kids or what God is teaching me......

I asked my husband - what do you think about blogs? "I think you are bloggy" was his input.
As you can tell he was NO HELP! Just too many goofy remarks.

So here I go .............

"Thumbprints" -
well since I am the cookie person - I thought of naming my blog "Thumbprints" because it was "THE COOKIE" that started it all - So I went with "Thumbprints" Goofy - probably....... But hey it is my blog!

1 comment:

Katrina said...

I like the name 'Thumbprints'! And just post about whatever's on your mind and heart -- make it work for you!