Wednesday, May 7, 2008

But I Prayed...................

But I what my seven year old told his dad last night -
Grant has been praying for me since last week that I would not get sick - He has strep throat and I have not been feeling well since then. Yesterday I really felt under the weather and decided to go Med Express. Out of the blue Grant decided to go with me - I ended up not having strep - but they are treating me with some antibiotics since my throat is swollen.

Grant asked me on the way home - so are you sick? - I said yes and nothing else was said about it until we got home. Grant is an unbelievable kid when it comes to prayer - he is the first to pray about something - if something is wrong he will go to his room and pray. He prays on the bus for the kids to remember their lines for the play - he will continue to pray for you even after you die! Something we are still working on.

Some of my proudest moments as his mom - is not when he wins a game or gets a good mark (they are great achievements) BUT when I see spiritual growth in his life. A few weeks back - he got up early and saw his dad praying and Grant goes to kneel next to him and pray - that is the life I want for my son - to be a follower of Christ - to go to his knees over life's problems.

My prayer as a mother for him is to continue on this path of prayer - learning that God does answer prayers - it might not be what we want at the time - but they are an answer to prayer.

So what do I say to Grant - I tell him - that YES I am sick -but I will be better - and that I was able to get the help I needed for this illness.

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Katrina said...

That's sweet. Good for you for raising a little prayer warrior!