Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zoo Trip

I decided to go on Grant's Zoo Field Trip - At the time it seemed like a great idea - Michael was going to go and we would make it a family day of fun. Well he ended up not being able to go - so off to the zoo I go with two very excited goofy kids!

Marah has only been to the zoo one other time - as an infant - So basically this was her first time really enjoying the zoo. She - being our Princess - needed to be pushed the whole time -and only got out for when she absolutely could not see an animal at her level.
We meet up with some of Grant's class mates and got the "real story" on the one armed monkey - not sure if a 7 year old knows the "real story" - but he took a shot at it.

The kids had a blast - I was worn out from pushing Marah - Grant's legs hurt because he had to walk the whole time (and added that next time he gets to be pushed around and Marah has to walk!) And I think we ended up setting a new record time of making it through the zoo in less than 2 hours! Kids will leave early for Milkshakes anytime!

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Katrina said...

Hey, we went, too! Camden's class went the same day as Grant's. I wasn't originally going to go, but spontaneously decided to take Logan and make a day of it. L. had a dr. appt. that morning, so we didn't get there until 11:00, but we stayed until after 2:00, and had a great time. It was Logan's first time and he really enjoyed it.

I got a kick out of Marah insisting on being pushed. I'd do the same thing if I could get away with it. :)