Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day one of swim lessons

This is the third year of us going to Ringgold for swim lessons. Grant's 3rd year and Marah's 2nd. I really debated as to whether I even wanted to do it this year, but Michael really insisted that they take them. So for the next 13 days I will be driving 25 minutes out to Ringgold for swim.

I don't really mind the drive - the lessons are very cheap ($30 per child for 3 weeks M-F /50 minutes) - I get to walk for 45 minutes while they swim - THE PROBLEM: MARAH - she hated it last year - cried every morning and had to be pealed off me many times at the door.

So when we mentioned it to her this year she said she did not need them - she already knows how to swim. We explained that she needed more lessons and would have lots of fun - since her BFF Averi would be there with her again. For the past couple of weeks we have been talking about the lessons - promises of new swimsuits, beach towels and even a special treat at the end of the three weeks. This past weekend I finally thought she was on board with it - we got the new swimsuit and all she talked about was not being afraid this year.

Today at 6:45am she got - I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SWIM LESSONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we talked, prayed, and made more promises of treats and prayed some more............

On the car ride out - we talked about how Jesus will be sitting right next to her the whole time and she did not need to be afraid - I get - MOM - He is in my HEART and does NOT come out! Then I get from Grant - well even if there is not enough room for him to sit next to me - he could just sit on my head. I decided to just give up at that point. When we got there we all prayed and proceed down the path to the pool. The whole time - panic was all over Marah's face.

Since today was the first lesson the parents were allowed to come in and watch. As soon as we walked into the pool area the tears started to come out. Marah does not through fits - she just sits and cries quietly next to me - but this time she started to sob and that drew many stares in my direction. After a few minutes the kids were asked to come sit on the front bench. I walked Marah over and she sat - still crying "Mommy I don't want to do this!!" My heart breaking the whole time - finally one of the swim coaches comes over and asked if she would like to go over to the water - I was so surprised - she went!! She took her over and next thing I knew the tears had stopped and Marah was in the water!

Will she go in without tears tomorrow?? I will keep you posted!

Today is Thursday and Marah has not cried since day one - Tuesday of swim lessons!!!

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Katrina said...

Loved this post, Rachel. Especially when Marah says that Jesus doesn't come out of her heart. That was priceless! So glad she had a turnaround!