Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going Shopping with Kids

Need I say more - I could just stop with the title and all moms would understand. But of course I won't - partly because I am considering this cheap therapy! Oh what a day we had - it all started with leaving at 9:15am to make a trip to Starbucks for some coffee time with mommy - then off to swim lessons - (yes - we are still doing that) - then to Chick Fil A drive thru - then to the Strip District to shop.

As you know I have my own Cookie Business and am always looking for a good supply house. I heard of Restaurant Depot - a place for food business owners - WOW!! I thought - this is awesome - I can get everything at one stop - Sam's at times does not carry everything I need.

So off we go - First Mistake - taking the kids. This place was crazy!! Everyone has a rusty flat bed - going in different directions with wheels that don't work well. Forklifts flying by - blowing their horns. Second Mistake - leaving my list at home!!! Third Mistake - not doing a walk thru first. Fourth Mistake and the big one - losing the first time shopping pass somewhere in that warehouse!!

What have I learned from this shopping experience - NEVER take my kids with me, wear my running shoes, take WD - 40 to oil those wheels, pin my list and membership card to my shirt!

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Monica said...

Rachel - love your blog. As for taking kids in the store, I agree 110%. I think I'd rather take a whoopin' than take Karis and Olivia into the grocery store!