Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've Moved Up! Is what every parents hopes to hear at some point at swim. We have been waiting along time to hear Grant say those three words to us.

Swim lessons are half over and today the parents got to sit in on the lessons. I was starting to get disappointed this year and knew Grant was getting frustrated with the back float. Grant has been working really hard and passed all levels of the front wall expect the back float. My poor son has no body fat and is so tiny that he just sinks. The swim coach has been working with him all week to get him to move up to the "side wall".

This will be his third year at this level. The first year he was so short he could not let go of the wall. The second year he could let go, but had a hard time keeping his head above water. This year he is standing and jumping and swimming with no help from the coach. If only he could do that back float.

As I sat there today I kept seeing the coach going over to him and having him float and then watching his little body slowly sink down and the coach pull him back up - then seeing the disappoint on his face and even on hers. As a mom I wanted to run over and jump in and help him but I sat there holding my breath each time he would try. Then a miracle happened he did it!!! I then see the coach talking to him and Grant shaking his head up and down and getting a big grin on his face as she points to the other wall. Then we all hear him yell - YES!!!! I've moved up!!!!!!!!

I was so proud of him - not giving up and working hard each day. Great job Grant!!!!


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Aw, good for him for sticking with it. Way to go, Grant!