Friday, June 27, 2008

We made it

Today was our last day of swim lessons -YEAH!!!!
I am so proud of Marah - she went in everyday excited to learn how to swim. Each night should would tell us what she learned and today we got to see it at the "swim show".
I wish I had my video camera because Marah doing the back float was hilarious. Of course she had to be held up the whole time. And when she did the back float she was so stiff that her legs and arms stuck straight up in the air as if rigamortis set in.


ReynoldsViv said...

You make me wish we had been there to see it...or that you had video taped it. Oh well, hopefully Marah will show us her stuff at the beach.

Katrina said...

Hooray for Marah, for getting through swim lessons like a trooper! Too cute about the stiff-limbed float. :)