Thursday, June 26, 2008


There is always a laugh when you hang out with Grant. One of the things I love about my son - is the joy he brings into my life each day. He is always putting a smile on our faces - whether it is his smile, hugs or his funny sayings.

Just a few things have come up this week that we got a smile from.
  • Grant was helping Michael clear out the back lot and he found a ball - Grant says: You know what they say "losers sneakers, losers sweepers."
  • Yesterday on the way to swim we were listening to a song that goes "Hail, Hail Line of Judah...." . When we got done Grant goes - I love that song - I can keep up with it and sing it all - "HEY, HEY LIGHTENING JUNIOR!"
  • We were car shopping to day and for some reason the guy thought a truck would fit my needs. Grant looks over at him and says: Where are WE going to sit?
Looking forward to what smiles he will give me tomorrow.........................


ReynoldsViv said...

Love the glasses!

Katrina said...

Oh my goodness, "Lightning Junior" completely cracked me up!