Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fear at 5

Nothing frightens you more at 4:00 am than hearing a child yelling DADDYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! As if they are being attacked by some evil monster. Our daughter Marah has always been frightened of loud noises - whether it is a big truck, fireworks, or a storm.

So when we were woken at 4 am today with her yelling in a big panic about the storm that neither of us heard - we thought she totally lost it!

Poor Marah has shaking and we were telling her there is no storm! When Grant walks in and goes - huh, don't tell Marah, but I just saw lightening out my window - can we sleep in the basement?

So off we go - bedding, stuffed animals, blankies, and two crazy kids. After we got everyone settled into their new bed - mom and dad headed back upstairs to try and get some sleep. Still no storm - at 4:30 am they were still up - at 5:00 am Grant decided he was too hungry to sleep and came upstairs to get us - after some fruit I never heard them again til 9:00 am!

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