Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Learning to be grateful

As I placed Grant and Marah's plates in front of them tonight I got - "I don't like that" . Grant did not like the macaroni & cheese and Marah - broccoli. But tonight we were standing firm with both of them. You each must try the one item that was placed on your plate.

Michael decided to draw numbers - whoever chose the number closest to it got to sit and watch the other person eat their "awful item". Marah chose #1 and Grant #3 - the number was one - so Grant had to go first.

Grant decided to top his with ketchup and started into the mac & cheese. Half way through it we got a "YUM! It is good with ketchup".

Next was Marah's turn. Took a little longer than Grant to get down the tiniest piece of broccoli. There was a lot of in and out of the mouth. Then the gag reflex kicked in - then lots of water was drank - finally I pulled out the Ranch Dressing and the dipping started.

That one little piece was now in about 4 pieces - finally it made it into her mouth!

Michael's turn - he hates black olives but wanted to show the kids that he could eat something he did not like as well. His face explains it all.

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Katrina said...

Oh, this was a great idea. I love it! Good for both of the kids (and Mike too) for eating something they wouldn't have, otherwise.