Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sing Loud! Sing Proud! GO UPWARD GO!!

I have a little cheerleader in my house this week. Marah is attending Upward Cheerleading Camp. Grant is attending their Basketball Camp.

This is something new for both of them since we have not bought into the whole sports world - Grant has not seemed interested in playing a lot of organized sports. We have tried - at age 3 we signed him up for YMCA Soccer -he only lasted three games - he showed no interest and would just run in a circle while the other kids played. We tried again two years ago with another soccer program - he seemed bored again. Then this past spring we signed him up for Upward Basketball and he loved it! He learned a lot and seemed to improve throughout the season. Marah - well we tried some ballet two years ago and it did not go too well.

When we heard about this three day camp at a local church we decided to allow the kids to join. You never know what you will get with Marah - she will be all on board until the second the thing starts - then freak out on us. But yesterday we had a huge success! She loves it and the whole neighborhood at 8am today is hearing -


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Katrina said...

Too cute. Glad they're both enjoying it! Camden felt the same way about soccer, as you know. And he's decided to stick with individual sports, like golf. :)