Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My 9 on the 9th

This past week has been insane. I had my biggest cookie order yet and several others that called in - so I did not have much time for myself or anyone else in my family.

9 Things I plan on doing after my 10 am Cookie delivery on Friday:

1. Grande, nonfat, no whip Mocha from Starbucks
2. Getting two miles in on the treadmill
3. 20 Minutes of Pilates
4. Getting some laundry done
5. Taking the kids to the Library and for some ice cream
6. Returning a ton of email
7. Cleaning my house
8. Checking my inventory
9. Get ready for my hot date with my husband!!!

I probably won't get to half this stuff on Friday - but it is worth a shot..........


TAMI said...

Don't worry about anything else on your list, but go ALL OUT for that HOT DATE with your husband!!!

Mrs. N. said...

How neat that you have your own cookie business. I agree with Tami. Go all out for that hot date. Thanks so much for playing!!

Katrina said...

Hope you were able to relax and have fun after all that work!