Friday, July 11, 2008

That's so Awesome!

Grant will be 8 next month. Over the past year he has grown into this little man. He is no longer my baby boy and I have enjoyed watching him grow up this past year. He does stuff now that I use to watch other kids his age do and think will we ever be at that stage with the kids.

Grant has also been known to pick up on word phrases he hears from us - especially his daddy. I remember when he was about two and I go walking by him and he yells - HOTTIE! Or last year when Pap and Grant were wrestling and he yells - "want a piece of me old man?"

Some of his new phrases he uses daily are - That's So Awesome Dude! SWEET!! and my favorite came yesterday when I asked: Who wants a root beer float? - I got YOU ROCK MOM!!! I thought Wow - I rock! What every mom wants to hear her kid say at some point. I just pray that when he is 16 I will still "Rock".


Chelle' said...

Welcome to the blogging world Rachel. So glad to have you among us :)

Love Grant and the things he says... My three are much the same way.

Today while playing Go Fish a conversation like this happened,

Middle Child to youngest: Do you have any six's?

Youngest: GO FISH! (long pause while middle child draws a card) What does a six look like.


Katrina said...

Aw, very cute -- and yes, if only we can still "rock" when they're teenagers. :) I can't believe he'll be 8...or that Camden will be 10. We're not getting old, are we?