Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School

I hate to see summer come to an end, but I love to shop for back to school items - clothes, backpacks, pencils, glue........... I see all those supplies and I just love it! I always loved as a kid to go and get my backpack, all the paper items and oh the new shoes!!

My kids get so excited over the smallest items. I buy them a pencil and it is the greatest thing ever in their lives. About two weeks ago we were at the Village and found the backpacks and lunch boxes. You would have thought I gave them each a million dollars. They wore those backpacks for days around the house. Talking about how they were going to place their school items in there and how neat it is that the lunch bag fits right in the front - awesome!!!Yesterday morning I got an email from the school saying we could come and get the "back to school packets" - I got all excited - the supply list would be in there!! We went and spent about an hour at the store picking out all the new supplies we would need for the year - debating on normal crayons or the twisty crayons - twisty won the vote.

This year Grant will be in second grade and he got to pick out his first three ring binder. Which I might add - there is not a big selection of cool designs for boys - so we settled for a black binder. Marah decided to get a dog folder that looks like our neighbors dog Daisy. Oh the decisions we were faced with yesterday.

When we got back home we spent about 20 minutes sorting the items and packing up our backpacks.
We start school on August 26th. Grant will be in second grade and Marah will be in all day kindergarten. This year I will be the sobbing mommy at the bus stop sending my baby girl off to school. Even though we had a fun day of getting our supplies - I am not ready for school to start.

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