Saturday, August 9, 2008

My 9 on the 9th

We left for the beach on Thursday, and spent most of the past week getting ready. My kids were so excited and drove us nuts all week - basically my fault - my husband claims I am the worse when it comes to trips, birthdays and Christmas. I can't help it. I love the excitement of new things and giving gifts that I usually get the kids so excited that he goes nuts.

When I sat down to write out our list of items to take - I started with the most important ones that I knew we would need for the at the beach.

9 Things I have to remember to pack for the beach

1. Swim Suites - The only thing my kids will be in all week - why do I even pack other clothes?

2. Beach Towels and Beach Chair - I plan on taking my towel and chair and planting myself on that beach all week and just enjoying watching my kids and husband play in the ocean.

2. Sun Screen - I don't want us to look like "that" family at dinner the first night - all red and everyone gasping as you walk by.

3. MP3 Player - for those walks that I dream that I might get to take.

4. Books - Maybe I will finally get to read one of those books I have had on my list.

5. Camera - for all those great family photos - that I hope I get to be in this year.

6. Wii - for that family fun time in the condo.

7. Sunglasses - which I need to find a new pair. A girl can never have too many sunglasses.

8. Maybe the laptop.......... - To stay in touch with my BFF's back home.

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Katrina said...

Yeah, a laptop has become a standard part of my packing lists. I just can't go completely unplugged for very long.

We are always the "pasty family" whenever we finally show up outside.