Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rachel is now on Facebook

Facebook has been a new thing in our lives. A great way to get in touch with high school and college friends. I have spoken with more college friends the past summer than I have in the past 1o years.

I felt too old for MySpace, and I was unsure at first with Facebook. Once I got signed in and familiar with the features - I was hooked. There are many different applications to to add to your page. It allows you to list your favorite things and information about yourself. It makes me feel like a "hip" teenager rather than someone in her mid-30's.

There are things that I don't like about Facebook. I don't enjoy forwards in my email inbox and Facebook has alot of applications that you can forward onto your friends. You have the option of accepting or ignoring them. I have to be honest - I ignore 99.9% of them. At first I felt bad - thinking the few friends I connected with from high school would probably consider me a snob again -Which I was never one! But after receiving several a day - I finally decided to just start hitting the ignore button and live with the snob title again! I have to admit I do like the "Pieces of Flair" application. It allows you to pick buttons and even design your own.

Facebook allows you to come up with a status on what you are currently doing in your life. I have found it as a fast way to check in on friends during the week. Today I notice a status and was curious as to what it meant. My husband and I got to talking about how you can really get people curious about your life by just giving them bits of information on your current "life status". I sometimes like to use my status to inform my husband that I won't be cooking dinner - so he can be better prepared for take out.

Rachel is now done talking about Facebook.


Katrina said...

I've really been loving Facebook, too. And I know I sent you a forward the other day, but I'm like you -- I ignore the vast majority of them -- so I'm never offended if someone else ignores anything I send. :) I like the games, although they can be a time-suck for me. And I like the Flair and status updates too. Unfortunately, my husband won't do the facebook thing, so I can't send him any messages!

Dianne said...

I tried Facebook for about two weeks and found it potentially addicting and annoying at the same time! I did like seeing what everyone else was up to though. Maybe I'll try it again sometime in the future.