Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Time

Boy, it has been a long time since I posted. I am sure no one even noticed. The months have just been flying by here in our house.

Summer is almost over and we are getting ready for our annual beach trip with Grandpa and Grandma.

The kids got to go on their first summer trip by themselves this past month. 8 days in NC with my family. At first when we were planning it - I thought this is going to be great. Michael and I don't get a chance to be "kid free" over night let alone 8 days of "kid free". We had made all these great plans for the week. As it got closer to saying good bye to the kids, my thoughts changed. Can I send them off to another state? Will they miss us too much? What if they get hurt or have an asthma attack? I kept asking - are you sure you want to go? YES WE DO!!! So with bags packed and lots of hidden tears from mommy - I sent them on their way.

The first few days were so strange - just the two of us. I think by the third night we just sat and ate in silence. I asked Michael - did we run out of things to talk about? He said he was just enjoying the quietness of our meal.

By the weekend, things had changed. Michael hurt his back and Marah started to get a cough. I of course started to worry. After stopping and giving it over to the Lord and two breathing treatments she seemed to be better. Michael on the other hand was not getting any better and all our "fun" plans came to a stop. After two doctor appointments and a day off work, things still were not improving.

We headed to NC on Thursday night and it was a rough trip down. With lots of stops, stretching, icing and pain pills - we made it in around 1 am.

The rest of the weekend was rough. We officially declared this trip - the "worse" trip of our lives. Michael was in so much pain. He could not sit or stand and sleeping was not working well for him. We decided to make our trip back in two days.

I don't do well when Michael is sick or hurt. He is the stable one in the house. I have lived with a back problem for over 5 years and I knew by looking at him the amount of pain he was in. That consent level of pain and the lack of relief just wears on you.

We made it back home in time to get into the doctors office. We finally were given a reason for all the pain - a compressed disc. After two rounds of treatment that week and some proper exercises - Michael was feeling better. This week he has been able to put his socks on and bend over and touch his toes. So thankful that he is improving.

We are happy to have the kids home. And are grateful for the time we had even though it did not go according to our plans. God had a different week planned for us. Teaching me - patience with a hurt husband. Letting my kids grow and trusting that whatever happens - God is in control of our lives.


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Even though I knew some of what was going on, I liked reading this update. Thanks! I hope Mike's back is much better...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this too. Hope Mike's back issues stay under control.