Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bible Studies

I have been praying and thinking about starting a Bible Study for over a year now. I should really say been running from the idea that I should start one. I worked in the MOPS ministry at our Church for over 9 years. When I stepped down from leadership -I felt lost as to where God wanted me to serve. There were not many options for me. I started to pray about starting a study. Unsure of my abilities to lead a group of women made me run from the whole idea of it. I gave every excuse in the book - recovering from surgery, work, no childcare available, can't decided on a book...... Finally I stopped running and trusted God and took the step of faith I needed.

Tomorrow we start a new study entitled - Premium Roast with Ruth by Sandra Glahn. Not knowing too much about the study but like the idea of a Coffee Club Bible Study - I picked the book. When I got the book last month I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of reading and preparation on my part for leading this study. My first thought was - Lord, what was I thinking. Some of these questions are thinkers. Can I even think that deep into the book of Judges? I was feeling a little intimidated by the whole first week of the study.

I had no choice at this point. It was announce in Church, women were signing up and I even got the needed childcare. God was filling every area I kept saying would not be met. So I started with the preparations for the first study. Was stumbling my way through it and thought okay maybe I can do this. Was ready to go and then the snow came!

The snow was a blessing on my part. It has given me a few more days to review and even re-read a lot of the passages. I got to dig deeper into the Old Testament. Get a better understanding of the passages that are presented in the study.

So tomorrow I am taking a step of faith and following what God is leading me to do and excited to learn what the Lord has shown us in the life of Ruth.

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Good for you! Your diligence in following God's leading is encouraging. I hope your first week went well! I love Sandra G's studies!