Friday, July 16, 2010

Closer to Departure Time

I can't believe we are past the three week mark.

We have been meeting every Sunday night to prepare for the trip. We have been assigned our groups and our VBS responsibilities. We will be holding two VBS's each day. In the morning, we will be in a local church and then after lunch going out into the city. We will be leading music, running the games and snack time.

We have been really busy learning lots of songs in Spanish. It seems that my kids learn them faster than I do. Michael has also been trying to learn as much Spanish as he can to help us communicate while we are there. I have learned the important phrases:
"Donde esta el bano? Where is the bathroom?
"como esta usted? How are you?
"Me llamo" My name is

And of course the common words that even Marah has learned off Dora - Gracias, Hola and Si.

We have two more planning meetings before we leave and hope to work out all the details of the VBS programs. In addition to the VBS teams we have a large group of men going to work on several work projects as well as a medical team.

We have several items that need prayer as we prepare to leave:
The puppet team as they learn their parts.
The music team as we learn over 8 songs.
The lesson leaders as they review and prepare to share the gospel each day through interpreters.
Work Team -as they are still in need of funds to be able to complete the projects.

We appreciate all your prayers and support over the past several months. We are very excited about traveling to Ecuador and look forward to what God has for us while we minster to the Ecuadorian people.

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Wow, it really is coming quickly. Praying for you as you continue to prepare!