Monday, June 23, 2008

Heaven - seen through the eyes of Grant & Marah

What Heaven will look like - by Grant

After Grant had a spiritual discussion at church with his friend, Alexa - he was very worried all day about Jesus coming back, taking the saved to Heaven and sending the unsaved to hell and then destroying the earth. Michael told him not to worry about it - you won't even be here.

Today on our way to swim lessons Heaven was brought up again and they had so many questions:

Are there cars in Heaven?
What kind of clothes are we going to have in Heaven?
What kind of house will we have?
Is Nana & Pap going to be there?
Is Jesus going to have food there for us? (Marah's)

Some other topics that were brought up by Grant:

"Wonder if David will let me play with his slingshot. And if he will have any sheep up there with him that I could pet - since I have never done that before. Is Noah's Ark going to be there?"

And Marah hopes that Goliath is not there because that would be scary!

I asked the kids what they thought Heaven would be like:
Grant - It is going to be beautiful with streets of Gold.
Marah - Jesus will love us.

So what do you think Heaven will be like?

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katrina said...

So cute! Camden is looking forward to meeting my Dad in heaven, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing him again, too.